Our offer includes

all architectural and interior services



Design and supervision

Turnkey finishing

Home Staging


Architectural, building and executive design of: service buildings, public buildings, single- and multi-family residential buildings, industrial sites and estates with their surroundings.


Our documentation is developed in the full range: architecture, construction, electrical installations, sewage systems, cooling and heating systems, road design, geological surveys and other necessary for complete closing of the investment process.



Interior decor of residential objects - apartments and houses, commercial interiors - offices, restaurants, shops and other service interiors. Furniture and design.


We create a 3D visualization of different perspectives for each design to make an investor see the architect’s vision. We specialize in elegant and modern interiors. We pay a lot of attention to illumination which gives climate and unrepeatable character of an investment.


Design and supervision

Comprehensive design service - architecture, interior with an original supervision. After the design phase, we support our client in the whole process of realization, we help in selection of contractors. We advise in the field of selection of accessories and equipment.


Together with the client, we visit showrooms, galleries and help to make an appropriate decision.

Turnkey finishing

To meet the requirements of the busiest clients who cannot find time for time-consuming decor and finishing process of their flat  in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have the “Turnkey” offer. You don’t have to worry about shopping, transport or struggle with a renovation crew.


If you use our long-lasting experience and cooperation with experts of the highest class, we’ll give you professionally designed,  finished and cleaned flat which you may move at once.

Home Staging

We offer professional preparation of a fixed property for sale or rent. Actually we help in presenting the property and emphasizing its advantages to sell it for the highest possible price and in the shortest possible time.


We’re able to shorten the sale time by 40% as well as increase a real value of the property.

How does the cooperation look like?

Below we’d like to introduce you how the creative process look like.

Every architectural design or the interior one is different as needs and expectation of clients are. The designs differ in the level of complexity, destiny and each has its unique character, thus an individual approach is necessary. 


Concept and visualization

The client’s expectations concerning aesthetic qualities, functionality and budget are the most important issue during the design. In this phase, the client describes his needs and we develop together an action strategy.


We analyse the potential of existing properties, we create first designions and select solutions and materials. On the basis of common agreements, there is an initial 3D visualization.  According to this, we finally determine goals of our cooperation.  Finally, there will be visualizations taking into account selected materials, accessories, furniture or equipment. 


An executive design

After confirmation of the concept by the client, there is an executive phase. In this phase, we prepare technical drawings which are essential for realization of the concept, including electrical diagrams, sewage system diagrams etc.  


We focus on the design’s details to prepare it for the finalization.  We recommend experts in the given fields and contractors as well as prepare a quantitative summary of necessary materials. 


Designer supervision

This stage consists in handing the design over to the investor along with its review as well as supervision over conformity of the contractors’ work with the design.  


We support clients during talks with contractors and experts, we advise during purchase of the finishing materials, furniture and equipment.


Together with the client, we visit showrooms, galleries and help to make an appropriate decision.


Investor supervision

We offer an investor supervision for the investors who value peace and the reliability of a solid realization of the design.  It consists in a comprehensive leading of the investment on behalf of the client and preparation of the “turnkey” investment.  


We conduct the negotiations with contractors and supervise their work, we make orders, take care of every detail to be performed on time and in accordance with the design.  We’ll make sure that before putting the property to the investor, it is prepared for use in 100%, including an extensive cleaning or decorating. 

Scope of the design

You may order a comprehensive service including all the mentioned above stages or choose only one part, e.g. the concept only.